Why go with a new branding consultant? Because you can recognize new partnership benefits and opportunities that you never were aware of before.

At Top Tree Agency, we excel in helping entrepreneurs and others to polish their brands – with innovative marketing campaigns, we help companies to get to the bottom of how to drive growth and improve visibility in competitive markets.

Utilizing Influencers

Not all marketing companies are carefully attuned to some of the big trends online. One of these is the practice of actively capturing the identities of influencers and using them to grow the business.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell – individual customers or other enthusiasts generate their own organic word-of-mouth, both online and off-line. They blog or post, or send reviews or testimonials and burst with positivity.

When businesses are able to harness this natural energy with targeted research, those insights enable them to really boost visibility and conversion.

Think of it this way – Jack Daniels whiskey gets lots of free advertising in country music songs. Why? Because it’s part of a lifestyle, and people talk about it. That’s the power of the influencer. Does your agency actively seek out influencers?

Exploring influencer agreements takes work. A company might start with Net Promoter Scores, drag data out of CRM, or, like our clients, get us to do it  but what’s clear is – if you don’t do it, you don’t get the benefits.

Social Media Accounts

Some businesses have a simple passive Facebook account, and that’s it.

At Top Tree Agency, we have been working on the vanguard of social media, marketing on platforms like Instagram to combine visual and informational resources to reach more sets of eyes.

These days, businesses cannot afford to be passive on social media. They need to generate proactive campaigns to reach out through the newest and most vibrant channels available in today’s marketplace. We can help.

Our social media services are not just slapped together. So many firms offer “social media experience” and then you find out they’re just posting. We go into the “deep web” to drive traffic, analyze user behavior, and really generate social media results.

Publications and Placement

In working with a variety of magazines and publications, Top Tree Agency has been able to scale and enhance our model of print and digital media leveraging. Ask us how this works and we’ll walk you through how we help clients to keep those irons in the fire for additional branding and brand development.

Let’s get connected and talk about how to grow your business and enhance your relationships with target audiences. Top Tree Agency has an excellent track record with our existing customers and we would love to present to your firm how you could be doing more in multi-channel spaces.