In the marketing world, everyone has an opinion. You hear a lot of things about the silver bullet of advertising, and how to “win on the Internet,” or on the street, or at a tradeshow, etc.

You often hear people talking about whether or not marketing is “sexy” or “sticky” or attractive to a target audience. These are all okay terminology, but we like to talk about the fundamentals of marketing, and how that works with an audience.

At Top Tree Agency, we are based on a very specific cost set of ideas and philosophies about today’s markets.

We understand the transformative power of innovation, and it’s in that context that we advertise around the boom of cannabis markets in the U.S. and worldwide.

Call it “the power of green,” or call it whatever you like. Whatever you call it, it’s a real thing.

Markets, including energy and health markets, operated a certain way for a few decades. Now, they’re starting to operate a different way. Cannabis markets play a role – by untethering hemp from THC-laden marijuana (and untethering marijuana from criminal prosecution) the world is moving toward a more “green-friendly” model, just in time to battle climate change, the biggest emerging threat to human life. That’s something that is having a tremendous effect in the business world – and that’s only going to get more true over time!

By networking in a very specific way we help our clients to build on business relationships that help them with brand visibility, outreach and much more.

Essentially, working with these market fundamentals means understanding where business is going in 21st century. Green is now perhaps the most powerful color in the business world. Green stands for environmental progress, natural plant life, and innovation based on those sorts of principles. It’s something that is quickly taking the world by storm, and we help our clients to become a part of that.

Here’s what’s in our mission statement:

“We engage your audience through highly-focused and targeted campaigns that are uniquely built for growth and awareness. We create stunning content that speaks to your users, customers and influencers. We harness the power of social media to generate continued and sustainable growth for any product, service or brand.”


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