Layne Schmerin
Layne Schmerin Co Founder Top Tree

As Co-Founder of the renowned marketing firm Top Tree Agency, Layne Schmerin loves helping brands achieve their maximum potential. An architect of Top Tree’s enormously effective four-step process, Layne helps clients grow audiences and drive engagement by creating highly targeted, fully customized social media campaigns that reach out and grab an audience’s attention.

Formerly a music marketer who worked with the likes of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Layne founded Top Tree along with his brother, Jonathan Lepow. After witnessing the struggle of their brother Brandon, who passed away from cancer, Layne and Jonathan set out to create a brand to help others recognize and reap the medical benefits of cannabis. As they used social media to grow their cannabis company, Layne and Jonathan realized the model they developed to push their own niche brand would be a viable model for growing other, more mainstream, companies, as well.

With Layne at the helm of campaign development, Top Tree has grown into one of the foremost marketing agencies in the U.S., with a reach of over 10 million and clients ranging from Columbia Records to e-commerce brands featured on Shark Tank. Top Tree is poised to continue expanding and evolving, helping a diverse list of companies reach and exceed their own goals, creating positive impact on millions of lives.


We engage your audience through highly-focused and targeted campaigns that are uniquely built for growth and awarness. We create stunning content that speaks to your users, customers and influencers. We harness the power of social media to generate continued and sustainable growth for any product, service or brand. We leverage our years of experience with strategic partnerships on the most influential social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.